ASTRA Broadband Services

Astra Broadband Services

ASTRA Broadband Services is a 100% owned subsidiary of SES ASTRA operating SES ASTRA's satellite broadband access ASTRA2Connect.

ASTRA2Connect is a bi-directional satellite broadband service, providing households and companies in regions without terrestrial broadband networks a reliable and low-cost access to the broadband internet. Apart from an access to the internet, ASTRA2Connect provides VoIP telephony and the reception of all digital and analogue TV and radio channels on ASTRA.

Initially launched for the residential market in 2007, ASTRA2Connect is today available in close 21 European countries and has already more than 65,000 satisfied customers. With speeds of up to 4 Mbit/s in download and only three easily installable hardware components (an 80 cm satellite dish with iLNB and satellite modem), ASTRA2Connect has become the most successful satellite-based residential broadband network in Europe. Based on this success, SES ASTRA has now also expanded its distribution network to East, West and Central Africa and the Middle East.

With our extensive know-how in the residential market, we developed the service further to offer customers from the energy, security and transportation industries an attractive and cost-efficient possibility to implement their SCADA applications. Using specially designed in-motion antennas, ASTRA2Connect is also used by the maritime market for low-cost access to the broadband internet.