David ZIMMER Vice President

David Zimmer

David is the founder and CEO of „inexio Informationstechnologie und Telekommunikation KGaA“, an IP Next Generation Operator, based in Germany.
inexio was founded based on his vision that modern Ethernet- and MPLS-based networks will replace the legacy, SDH/SONET-based, networks of the established carriers and that the future will be for IP- and Internet-based services.

David is a serial entrepreneur and has founded several companies in the IT and telecommunications industry as well as other industries in Germany and the United States dating back to 1990 when he became one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Germany at age 17. In the last 10 years he has mainly focused on the telecommunications and ISP market in Germany while he was CEO and second largest shareholder of teresto media AG, part of RWE Group, which he completely sold to VSENET (artelis group) in June 2007.

Today, David focuses on building fiber optic networks and datacenters in underserved markets in the „Greater Region“ of Luxembourg, Germany (Saarland/Rhineland-Palatinae), Belgium (Wallonia) and France (Lorraine/Alsace).

David is an expert in IP/MPLS- and VoIP-technologies as well as industry and regulatory issues in Germany, Luxembourg and the US. He has served in numerous industry, state and federal bodies and has been given many conferences throughout the world.