Why LU-CIX ?

Connecting to LU-CIX: the smart alternative to established European Internet exchange points

  • Space & power congestion free
  • Attractive pricing
  • Open & neutral
  • Carrier-independent
  • Dynamic & Experienced Team

LU-CIX, the new commercial internet exchange in Luxembourg, is located at the crossroads of traditional European Internet traffic routes. LU-CIX can be your prime connection to other networks or you can connect to LU-CIX for redundancy reasons, (i.e. to avoid traditional trans-European Internet paths).

In any case, connecting through LU-CIX means choosing the shortest, fastest and thus most efficient route to the major European Internet networks.

The shortest route:

LU-CIX is at the heart of Europe and at the crossroads of all European Internet traffic routes.

The fastest connection:

The traffic routes through Luxembourg are not overbooked or congested. Carriers available at LU-CIX rely on generously dimensioned lines that offer improved roundtrip times.

LU-CIX provides all the benefits of an open and neutral Internet exchange. We operate a state-of-the-art Foundry switching platform. Customers can connect to FE, GE and 10GE ports. Our services comprise public peering, Quality-of-Service Peering, Multicast and Private VLANs at extremely attractive prices. The LU-CIX platform supports IPv4 and IPv6 and is hosted in two distinct Tier-4 data centers.
Our services and products

Thanks to its proximity to other Internet hubs such as Frankfurt, Amsterdam, or London, LU-CIX presents a smart alternative to established Internet exchange points.

Luxembourg is one of the hottest locations when it comes to media and ICT activities. RTL, Europe’s leading broadcaster, and SES, the world’s pre-eminent satellite operator, are both headquartered in Luxembourg. World-famous companies such as Skype, iTunes, Real Networks, Amazon, have chosen Luxembourg to host their servers. The Luxembourg Government’s policies are dedicated to the support of ICT activities.

LU-CIX was launched in March 2009. Our dynamic and young, nevertheless very experienced team is dedicated to deliver flexible and creative solutions with the highest degree of satisfaction to maximize our costumers’ value.

By choosing LU-CIX, you will opt for a location that is dedicated to excel in the networked world.

LU-CIX is also the facilitating infrastructure that will allow you to develop your e-commerce and business opportunities in the most optimized way.