Start-up L7 Defense joins LU-CIX as a Gold member

Luxembourg, 17 January, 2018 – LU-CIX, the Luxembourg Commercial Internet eXchange, is pleased to welcome L7 Defense to its platform as a new Gold supporting member. The start-up was launched in 2015 in Israel by co-founders Dr Doron Chema and Yisrael Gross. The L7 team opened a Luxembourg subsidiary in 2017 following the company’s participation in the Luxembourg government “Fit4Startups” programme.

L7 Defense has developed a breakthrough AI platform to protect web systems from automated cyber-attacks in real time, with very high accuracy. “Our technology identifies and mitigates in seconds the most challenging automated cyber-attacks,” explains Dr Chema, co-founder and CEO of L7 Defense. “As such attacks will be enhanced soon by AI capabilities it only makes sense that defence is also transformed to AI, eliminating the need for human intervention in the process while preserving the ability to control the risk factor in the “AI response”. This is among the unique capabilities of our Ammune™ platform, as the rate of “false positive” in the mitigation process is highly controlled and preserved to be very close to zero as a norm.”

L7 Defense has the insight, knowledge, and infrastructure to make sure Internet systems stay online. Their AI system operates well in a wide range of traffic volumes. Whether low or high, the system maintains similar sensitivity. The system is also locally deployed and therefore benefits from privacy as opposed to remote or cloud based systems, as the L7 mission is to maintain privacy while protecting data.

Since the Fit4Startups opportunity, L7 Defense is fully concentrated on becoming part of the Luxembourg business community and also aims to expand across Europe. “Our ambition is to continue to accelerate in the Grand Duchy where we are starting to grow. LU-CIX is a natural part of the IT ecosystem in Luxembourg and we intend to be an active member. We look forward to sharing values and approaches with the partners and to discovering mutually beneficial opportunities to work on. We strongly believe that working together is key to success and the best choice for any business,” Dr Chema affirms.

Secretary of LU-CIX asbl, Claude Demuth states, “We are very pleased to have a young company with a top defence product join our community and to be able to provide L7 Defense, new to the Luxembourg market, with the support to continue building up their capacities here.”

L7 Defense Ammune™ system is a virtual platform for mitigating sophisticated DDoS attacks automatically and efficiently in Real Time. Enhancing the self-learning intelligence of the immune system with dedicated ML components enables the system to easily mitigate unknown, under the radar, DDoS attacks as well as heavy floods. Ammune™ requires no external resources such as intelligence data or professional team to operate it. Designed as a VFN (SDN) component, its deployment and on-going operation are simple, scalable and flexible and therefore can protect over large scale Data Centers.