Acorus Networks, 1st DDoS Scrubbing Center network connected to LU-CIX

LU-CIX is pleased to welcome in its community Acorus Networks, as a new connected Gold
supporting member.
Acorus Networks is a French Cybersecurity startup founded in 2014 by co-founders Benjamin
Schilz and Raphaël Maunier to protect small as well as large companies against Distributed
Denial of Service attacks (DDoS) both for their network infrastructure and their web application
As no industry is free from these risks, Acorus Networks provides a large scale Cloud
infrastructure protection service to its customers like government, defense, media, ecommerce,
retail, transport, healthcare, gaming etc. Acorus Networks guarantees high
availability of their systems by protecting them against ever-sophisticated DDoS attacks.
After having deployed its robust infrastructure in different datacenters in France to protect its
French customers, Acorus Networks has begun to expand its protection network in Europe
and opened a new Point of Presence (PoP) in Luxembourg in September 2017.
“Finance and Cloud providers established in Luxembourg need efficient DDoS protection as
they already suffered attacks and downtime; that is the reason why we decided to open
recently a local PoP in Bettembourg (Luxembourg) to address their demands”, explains
Benjamin Schilz, co-founder and CEO of Acorus Networks. “Moreover, the fact that a European
company can propose cybersecurity services has interest for Luxembourg enterprise which
don’t trust non-European vendors.”
“Acorus Networks has developed two complementary offers to cover all DDoS protection
needs. First, Acorus Cloud Protect™ is a solution based on a robust reverse proxy architecture
with WAF and anti-DDoS advanced protection to prevent http/https websites effectively ahead
from multi-vector attacks. Acorus Infra Protect™ is our second intelligent mitigation solution.
We launched it in November after our security experts deployed the full stack system in our
own secure large-scale infrastructure in Paris and Luxembourg, to protect automatically all the
customer Internet access at network and application levels against DDoS attacks”, says Olivier
Melwig, Managing Director of Acorus Networks.
“Cybersecurity is a very hot topic for Luxembourg and especially for LU-CIX. Through our
events we are trying to sensitize the ICT community and we are glad to include among our
members Acorus Networks and their innovative solutions” says Claude Demuth, CEO of LUCIX.
About Acorus Networks:
Acorus Networks helps customers to build the best architecture that can respond quickly to DDoS
attacks. Every new brick we create and add to our detection and mitigation intelligent system is driven
by the desire to help our customers to counter this type of attacks as effectively as possible. This allows
them to remain competitive, accessible and confident in the increasingly connected world, today and
Additional information can be found at Acorus Networks ( or connect with
us on Twitter and Linkedin.