Creos, the national energy grid operator now connected to LU-CIX

LU-CIX, the Luxembourg Commercial Internet Exchange, is pleased to welcome Creos, owner and operator of electricity and natural gas networks in Luxembourg, as a new connected member.
Creos is a key player in the national energy sector and by managing a highly critical infrastructure, the company has strict and specific needs regarding its Internet traffic and data. By connecting to LU-CIX, Creos ensures that its national Internet traffic is kept within the Grand Duchy, thus providing the safest option to protect its data.

In case of international Internet connection problems, Creos will always remain joinable in Luxembourg through LU-CIX and benefit from a guaranteed access to hosted content in Luxembourg.

LU-CIX offers also different security services like blackhole services to mitigate Distributed Denial-Of-Service (DDos) attacks that flood a targeted machine with requests to overload and block IT systems.

“It’s an important contribution to national cyber-security that Creos is now connected to LU-CIX.” stated Claude DEMUTH, CEO of LU-CIX.

“By connecting to LU-CIX, we’ve local Internet redundancy and are better prepared for Internet security issues. In addition, our national traffic is faster going through LU-CIX.“ added Jean-Marc Verdure, CIO of Creos.