The Luxembourg Internet Days 2020, as if you were there!


After several months of total or partial confinement and home office, continuing daily business while maintaining the organisation’s security on delocalized devices in an uncertain context, many if not most companies realised that they were not prepared to face (such) a crisis – and for good reason!
Today, without question, all decision-makers are aware that preparation is an important part of the ability to tackle, manage and recover from a crisis.
So, now, take a minute to imagine what the situation would have been like if the world had not been able to rely on Telecom Networks and Clouds...
Frightening, isn’t it?


An exceptional situation requires exceptional solutions!

To protect its community of experts, exhibitors and visitors, the organiser of the Luxembourg Internet Days, LU-CIX, decided early on to maintain its event this autumn by completely adapting it to the current health situation. It will be held for the first time in a "Digital" format, thanks to a dedicated platform accessible by simple registration. As far as content is concerned, the choice of themes has naturally been adapted to the context. In an unprecedented but still pragmatic way, the event will focus on potential crisis that could affect Networks and the Cloud... you'll see, all it takes is a little bit of imagination.

The 2020 edition of Luxembourg Internet Days will innovate to be a 3-day web event. Its digital format will allow the targeted topics to be spread over six exciting two-hour sessions. All the features of the event will be replicated on the digital platform and give all visitors access from 17 to 19 November. Experts will give presentations and lead round tables, speaking from around the world and sharing live with the audience about crisis scenarios from national or international cybersecurity threats to major political challenges, which can impact Networks and the Cloud worldwide... Thrills guaranteed!

In 2020, it is not just one country, but the whole of Europe that will be put forward at the Luxembourg Internet Days, through the many entities that are leading the fight against cyber threats, standardisation, etc. From the European Commission, to ENISA or Digital SME Europe, everyone will have the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas to continue building trust and cyber security in Europe.
High quality workshops and presentations will also be offered by partners to continue the exchange and help virtual visitors to project themselves into a world where new technologies are turning the tables. Dozens of virtual stands and a networking tool will be made available to visitors to enable everyone, via a chat and video conferencing tool, to make new encounters, to resume or maintain contact, almost as before.

A lot of companies have confirmed their commitment to the event within which EBRC, BCE and LuxNetwork that are Diamond Sponsors beside the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of the Economy, the Department of Media, Telecommunications and Digital Policy, Cybersecurity Luxembourg and the European Commission that are major event partners of the Luxembourg Internet Days 2020.
Free online registration will allow each registered attendee to contact as many people as they wish, even before the event opens, to consult the programme and to register for the various sessions to attend live or to take advantage of the “replay”.
Good to know, the sessions will be in English subtitled in French.

"Since May, we have been working hard to completely redesign our event because we wanted to continue to support our sector, which is particularly under pressure in these troubled times, while limiting the risk of the pandemic spreading through its ranks. Organising a fully digital event, with an even more attractive programme, dozens of virtual booths and numerous networking opportunities is a real challenge; it is our way of using new disruption technologies in a context of social distancing in order to resist evolving threats and support the sector" says Frédérique ULRICH, organiser of the Luxembourg Internet Days.
"Thanks to the professional platform developed by Swapcard, everyone will be able to create their own “à la carte” programme according to their availability and interests, visit the virtual booths and contact the other attendees or exhibitors to organise meetings from their smartphone, tablet or laptop and enjoy the full experience of the Luxembourg Internet Days - the 2020 way."

The LUNOG3 Conference is also online!

For the third consecutive year, the LUNOG (LUxembourg Network Operator Group) Conference will be held at the Luxembourg Internet Days. This highly targeted event aims to share news and developments between experts from networks and the telecoms sector, but also to strengthen the links between members of this community who often work in the shadows.

Free registration for the whole event available at