LU-CIX opens its 3rd PoP at EBRC

Still in development, LU-CIX, in cooperation with EBRC, has opened a new Point of Presence (PoP) in the EBRC Data Center, located in Kayl. This new PoP is the 7th for LU-CIX and the 3rd active at EBRC, the first two being installed in the Data Centers "EBRC Resilience Center Luxembourg West" in Windhof and "EBRC Resilience Center Luxembourg East" in Betzdorf. The connection between this new PoP and the existing LU-CIX infrastructure is supplied by POST.

The deployment of this LU-CIX PoP in the EBRC infrastructure will make it possible to locally connect new Internet access operators as well as new content providers on the national LU-CIX network.

“During the COVID19 crisis, we were all able to measure the vital, even systemic, importance that digital now occupies in our society, our institutions and our economy. This new LU-CIX interconnection node in one of our three Tier IV certified Data Centers, contributes to strengthening the resilience of the Luxembourg market's communications infrastructure. This additional investment is part of the strategic Cyber-Resilience approach advocated by EBRC. It contributes to strengthening the digital robustness of the Luxembourgish place but also its attractiveness, compared to new prestigious international players. EBRC and LU-CIX share the same enthusiasm and challenge: to make Luxembourg a trusted European digital capital.” Yves Reding CEO EBRC.

“POST Telecom joins EBRC in its initiative to welcome the new LU-CIX PoP by providing its powerful and redundant connectivity. This project is part of our group strategy which aims to provide IT, connectivity and security solutions to our customers and partners. We are very happy to be able to contribute in this way to the development of the LU-CIX network, which is also part of our common desire to build the network of the future for the country.” Cliff Konsbruck CEO POST Telecom.

"The opening of a new PoP for LU-CIX with our partners POST and EBRC contributes to the synergies of the telecom and data center communities in the Grand Duchy, which is one of our main missions. We are glad to collaborate with partners involved in the development of the national ecosystem. " Claude Demuth, Chairman LU-CIX ASBL.


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