Join LUNOG4 on Nov. 17!

Join us  on November 17, during lunch time break, for LUNOG4!

It will be EXCLUSIVELY accessible ONLINE on a dedicated WEB platform

Organised with the partnership of RIPE NCC, the LUNOG4 WEB Conference aims to gather participants committed in, or interested in, Network Operations to listen and share about the most recent Network evolutions.

Planned to last between 1h30 and 1h45, we have decided to propose a creative concept allowing the conference to be accessible “live” and an interactive way during lunch time break, to encourage people to join without intruding their daywork, to keep supporting you, the sector and the business during challenging times.

This year, the LUNOG4 conference, will focus on securing the Internet routing and DNS, two essential services at the very basis of the Internet.

We will explore functions like IRR filtering and RPKI route security, DNSSEC, and DNS anycasting.

Free online pre-registration for the Luxembourg Internet Days event is be mandatory to access the LUNOG4 conference content.