LU-CIX is now MANRS compliant

An important objective for connecting at an Internet Exchange Point is the increased security. It is certainly one of the topics that LU-CIX is actively pushing in the interest of its member community.

After enabling RPKI filtering on our route servers earlier this year, we have now successfully applied to become a participant in the MANRS programme of the ISOC (Internet Society).

MANRS (read: “manners”, Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security) is an industry initiative defining a set of guiding actions that help increase the security of routing on the Internet. The actions are bundled in specific programs for different parts of the Internet industry, namely for Internet exchanges, for network operators, and for CDN/cloud providers.

Following the successful implementation of the actions applicable to IXPs, LU-CIX is now officially a proud participant in the MANRS program. With our participation, we demonstrate the importance we attach to making the Internet a safer place, in this particular case by securing the routing and stopping certain attacks on it.

More information about MANRS:
The LU-CIX participant page:

We encourage all our network operator members to themselves join the MANRS program!