LU-CIX welcomes a new Cloud expert among its members: Omnis Cloud

LU-CIX ASBL, the Luxembourg Internet Exchange Point, is glad to welcome Omnis Cloud, as a new Gold member.

Omnis Cloud is a Luxembourg start-up, delivering Open Source powered Cloud platforms from their data centers and in customers premises. It also focuses on Open Source alternatives to commonly used platforms like Office365, Teams, Zoom,… to ensure that data does not cross Luxembourg’s borders.

“With Omnis Cloud, we have one of the first members of Gaia-X AISBL joining our community. The company of Paolo Vecchi brings a great skill set on the development of the technical framework and operating standards of the Gaia-X Federation services. These services will leverage existing standards and open technology, e.g. Open Source software and Open Standards, of which Omnis Cloud has not only a sound understanding but is also a key promoter. With Omnis Cloud joining, we are privileged to have a key advocate of digital sovereignty and Open Source software onboard at LU-CIX” stated Peter Sodermans, Vice Chairman at LU-CIX ASBL.

“Omnis Cloud is very pleased to be part of LU-CIX, as we found a team of like-minded innovators working to make Luxembourg the trusted data hub for Europe and beyond.

As a member, we will be able to fully benefit from LU-CIX infrastructure which will allow us to help organisations and institutions to implement the federated and Open Source platforms they need to achieve Digital Sovereignty, creating even more local, economical and social value for all.” Stated Paolo Vecchi, CEO at Omnis Cloud.

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