(D)DoS fighting workshop by LU-CIX – watch the replay!

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Opening speech and moderation

Practical approach to automate the Cloud based DDoS mitigation (00:05:00)
By Jan THIELEMANS, Program Manager at Arcadiz
Discover a unique and flexible way to solve vendor lock-in DDoS and mitigation challenges.

The right combination for (D)DoS protection (00:22:07)
By Yannick DOYEN, PreSales Solutions Architect at POST Telecom for Business
Is your business ready to counter DDoS attacks? What about DoS attacks? Discover the advantages of adding a SOC service on top of your DDoS mitigation solution.

Cloudflare Magic Transit — DDoS protection for your entire network (00:34:13)
By Ameet NAIK, Director of Product Marketing at Cloudflare
DDoS attacks have dominated the headlines, targeting critical infrastructure and telephone systems, and played a major role in the ransomware crisis. How has this changed in 2022? And can you effectively protect your network infrastructure? Join this presentation to hear about the latest DDoS trends from Cloudflare and how Magic Transit can help protect you against even the largest attacks.

Protect your business no matter the size or frequency of a DDoS attack (00:47:33)
By Gilles WEBER, Senior Sales Consultant Carrier & Telecom Solutions at Telindus
The tools, the governance and the expertise by Telindus.

Frictionless Security at the pace of Innovation (01:03:06)
By Olivier Devis, Regional Country Manager Benelux
Cloud computing and the need for agile application development has left organizations stuck between a rock and a hard place: keep apps and hybrid environments secure while not allowing security to inhibit innovation.
The result? Application environments have never been so diverse and organizations are struggling to keep maintain control and consistency of security policies.