Luxembourg Internet Exchange

LU-CIX was founded in 2009 out of a cross-industry initiative set up by major national and international Internet players with the aim of developing the Internet and supporting the Internet community in Luxembourg.

Who are we?

LU-CIX ASBL, the LUxembourg Internet eXchange, was founded in 2009 based on a not-for-profit membership association with an open and neutral philosophy. Its aim is to develop and support the Internet and data center ecosystem in Luxembourg by providing the national peering infrastructure and by promoting the national and European ICT community.

LU-CIX brings a major contribution to the Luxembourg Internet community by organising its leading industry event, the Luxembourg Internet Days, which takes place every year and attracts over a thousand industry experts and decision makers from all around the globe.

LU-CIX also runs the platform, which gathers the Luxembourg data center and Internet related players to promote Luxembourg as the best place for a data center and ICT business in the heart of Europe.

LU-CIX GIE was also launched in 2009 to operate the Internet eXchange infrastructure. In 2021, the Luxembourgish State, together with LU-CIX GIE, launched MyConnectivity G.I.E. to support the access to high performance connectivity for all (private households and businesses) in the context of the 5G and ultra-high-speed national strategies.


LU-CIX permits the various Internet service providers to exchange Internet traffic between their networks, and thus directly connect the content providers and international Internet operators located in Luxembourg.

Located at the crossroads of traditional European Internet traffic routes and thanks to its proximity to other Internet hubs such as Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London, LU-CIX can be your prime connection to other networks or you can connect to LU-CIX for redundancy reasons, (i.e. to avoid traditional trans-European Internet paths).

In any case, connecting through LU-CIX is choosing the shortest, fastest and thus most efficient route to the major European Internet networks.

Through its financial support from the government of the Grand Duchy and as a core part of the Digital Lëtzebuerg initiative, LU-CIX can guarantee a high network stability level.

Through LU-CIX, companies generating IP traffic and attracted to Luxembourg by the favorable economic environment, are in a position to find all the means and tools to carry their traffic to all Internet users around the world.

Key strengths of LU-CIX

  • High Availability
  • High Speed
  • Low Latency
  • Attractive pricing
  • Space & power congestion free
  • Open & neutral
  • Carrier-independent
  • Dynamic & Experienced Team
  • Stable organization

It also enables its members to benefit from a number of services related to the Internet network and communication and information technologies.

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By choosing LU-CIX, you will

  • Opt for a location that is dedicated to excellence in the world of networking and data centers;
  • Gain access to a facilitating infrastructure that will allow you to optimize the development of your e-commerce and business opportunities;
  • Join an organization for whom your success is their success.

The shortest route

LU-CIX is at the heart of Europe and at the crossroads of all European Internet traffic routes.

The fastest connection

The traffic routes through Luxembourg are not overbooked or congested. Carriers available at LU-CIX rely on generously dimensioned lines that offer improved roundtrip times.


You can find below our member's guide (in English and in French) and our legal by-laws:

Why Luxembourg?

Located in the center of Europe, Luxembourg is the gateway to the European market (500 million consumers), providing international companies with a multitude of business opportunities.

Luxembourg's highly skilled workforce, solid infrastructure, business oriented legislation and multicultural environment make it a first-rate destination for companies and people.

Taking full advantage of this strategic location and of massive private and public sector investments, Luxembourg has become a key hub for ICT with highly secured data centers, connectivity & modern IT infrastructures, life sciences, clean technologies, IP and logistics all of which are attracting more and more major international companies to set up their business in Luxembourg. Among these are RTL Group, SES, Amazon, Rakuten, ArcelorMittal, Husky, Ampacet and more.

Luxembourg is investing continuously in further developing its connectivity with state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure and telecommunication networks.

Highly secure public and private data centers have been set up to help businesses deploy and operate their systems from Luxembourg.