There are as many reasons to become member of LU-CIX as there are LU-CIX members.

Depending on your needs, you can choose the type of membership you want to sign for.

LU-CIX being an association, the first step is to fill in the APPLICATION FORM and to choose the membership package you will feel good with to become a member. Then if you want to be technically connected, please fill in the SERVICE ORDER FORM and
choose the bandwidth you require for peering with the other connected members.

The LU-CIX members belong to a strong community of actors of the ICT sector (telecom operators, data centers service providers, eyeballs providers, etc.) working together in Luxembourg and abroad.

Through the its different events and initiatives, LU-CIX also aims to promote its members and Luxembourg as the European ICT Hub.

Why become member of the
LU-CIX’ Community?

  • To increase your visibility among major ICT players,
  • To spread and push your news through the LU-CIX network,
  • To show the ICT community your commitment into the Greater Region's Internet industry,
  • To be invited to the LU-CIX events,
  • To benefit from dedicated discounts and packages during LU-CIX events,
  • To promote your company through the different LU-CIX platforms,
  • And much more ...

Why be connected on LU-CIX ?

  • To be connected on the LU-CIX infrastructure,
  • To be able to peer with the other LU-CIX connected members on open, selective or restrictive way,
  • To access content or eyeballs with the lowest latency possible,
  • To keep my traffic safe from external security risks,
  • To keep my traffic on the national territory and prevent spying,
  • etc.