VoIP-X service

VoIP-X allows telephony providers to exchange voice traffic over the LU-CIX shared infrastructure using the SIP protocol.

The benefits of exchanging VoIP traffic over LU-CIX’ VoIP-X are:

  • Local availability in all major datacenters in Luxembourg.
  • No need to be co-located with your peers.
  • No need to provision individual hardware ports or circuits per peering partner.
  • High speed, low latency transport network including QoS.
  • Can co-exist on your LU-CIX peering port.

LU-CIX’ VoIP-X service works according to regulation ILR/T17/9, option 2.2, Layer 2 interconnection. It is a shared Layer 2 network available to all participants in order to exchange VoIP traffic in a bilateral fashion. There is no obligation to exchange traffic with all other participants; rather any exchange of voice traffic is subject to both parties’ contractual requirements.

In order to use our VoIP-X service, please follow these steps:

Price list

Service Order Form

VoIP-X technical specification


The following telephony service providers offer interconnects over LU-CIX VoIP-X: