Membership Prices & Conditions

The LU-CIX ASBL membership package is composed of a basic membership and one of the 4 marketing packages. The member chooses the marketing package which fits best its needs in term of connectivity, marketing visibility and commitment into the community's activities.


BASIC MEMBERSHIP for all is 500€/year
and has to be associated with one of the marketing packages below.


Marketing package CLASSIC is 1.500€/year (on top of the BASIC membership above)

  • Eligible for connecting to the LU-CIX Internet eXchange platform;
  • Mention in the LU-CIX newsletter;
  • For new connected members, welcome email to all LU-CIX peering-members;
  • News accelerator: relevant posts & Tweets will be shared, liked and retweeted to the LU-CIX community;
  • License to use the LU-CIX logo on member’s website and publications;
  • Presence on the platform is offered* in your corresponding section(s), subject to relevancy and on demand;
  • Invitation to the LU-CIX events (General Meetings, 2 exclusive Afterwork drinks, etc.);
  • One entry for the Sunset Eve, the networking evening of the Luxembourg Internet Days, on demand.


Marketing package GOLD is 2.000€/year (on top of the BASIC membership above)

Classic package, plus:

  • Member’s logo on LU-CIX website;
  • Member’s logo on “Supporting Members” dedicated roll-up or screen displayed at the LU-CIX events;
  • A “Welcome news story” will be sent to media, displayed on the LU-CIX website and shared with the LU-CIX community via LinkedIn & Twitter;
  • At the Luxembourg Internet Days, you can benefit from a 250€** voucher to be used on the event's sponsorship packages and one additional entry for the Sunset Eve, the networking evening of the event, on demand.


Marketing package PLATINUM is 4.500€/year (on top of the BASIC membership above)

Gold package, plus:

  • Testimonial with picture on LU-CIX website;
  • At the Luxembourg Internet Days:
    • a 3.000 €** voucher to be used on the event sponsorship packages;
    • a cherry-pick 10-day sneak preview of the upcoming sponsorship packages***;
    • one additional entry for the Sunset Eve, the networking evening, on demand;
    • one first row set in the main conference, if possible;
    • brochures and goodies displayed for free.


For non connected members

The amount of the vouchers** for the Luxembourg Internet Days are the following:

  • 1.000€ for Classic members;
  • 1.250€ for Gold members;
  • 3.500€ for Platinum members.


A 50% saving for small enterprises****

New pricing on LU-CIX membership packages is available at half price for small enterprises (10 employees maximum):
  • BASIC membership + Marketing package CLASSIC = 1.000 €/year;
  • BASIC membership + Marketing package GOLD = 1.250 €/year  -- with a voucher of 200 €** for the Luxembourg Internet Days;
  • BASIC membership + Marketing package PLATINUM = 2.500 €/year -- with a voucher of 1.500 €** for the Luxembourg Internet Days.


Simply download, fill in and send back the APPLICATION FORM to info[at]lu-cix[dot]lu.

Payment by card (excepted AMEX) is possible upon prior request to asbl-finance[at]lu-cix[dot]lu; a 2.6% service fee will be applied on the VAT included invoice amount.



The LU-CIX ASBL membership is governed by the LU-CIX ASBL by-laws (articles of incorporation – consolidated version) and “Members  Guide” and must be mandatorily associated with one “member package” (Classic, Gold, Platinum or Diamond).

LU-CIX ASBL reserves the right to modify the content of the “member packages” or the location and name of any of the LU-CIX events at  any time. In case of a change to the “member packages”, the member will be notified of the relevant change and shall have the right to  change the category of its “member package” or to cancel its membership to LU-CIX ASBL on a 30 days prior notice.

Prices and vouchers shall be deemed exclusive of VAT (17%).

* Free presence on the platform is linked to the membership. In case of membership cancellation, the  presence will be invoiced based on the price list, unless the member formally cancels his presence on the platform.

** Voucher amount based on yearly invoiced membership & “member package” fee, cannot be cumulated over years, is non-refundable and lost if not spent - is to be spent on the Luxembourg Internet Days packages upon request and depending availability.

*** In case of several members willing to position on a same package during the “cherry-pick 10-day”, LU-CIX would organise a random drawing to determine the final recipient of the package.

**** We consider a "small enterprise", a company having 10 employees maximum.