The capital of the Grand Duchy now connected on LU-CIX

Luxembourg City, with over 125,000 inhabitants, is home to 20% of the country’s population. Every day, it also welcomes more than 100,000 commuters coming from its three bordering countries. The main challenges for the city consist in meeting the needs of its residents, as well as those of these commuters, and maintaining its appeal.

In meeting these challenges, the City of Luxembourg’s ICT Department plays a crucial role. Powerful Internet connection and the management of the various networks are the main pillars in achieving its goals.


Faster, more secure traffic with improved stability

By being connected to the LU-CIX infrastructure, the City of Luxembourg can now provide even faster, more secure and stable traffic, whilst keeping it within the nation’s borders for more security. In addition, being a member of LU-CIX has more than just technical benefits. It also allows the City of Luxembourg to be fully part of the LU-CIX community, gathering and federating local experts of the Internet.

The City of Luxembourg’s Information and Communication Technologies department is responsible for providing and managing IT infrastructures and tools, as well as applications for the needs of the municipal administration and citizens. It is also responsible for the development, coordination and implementation of digitalisation strategies and concepts within the municipal administration, as well as the coordination of “Smart-City” projects.

“One of the goals of LU-CIX is to showcase Luxembourg on the European state-of-the art ICT hubs map and to highlight the country’s appeal in the heart of Europe. Having the capital of Luxembourg joining LU-CIX is the best way for us to promote the Grand Duchy’s advantages, its rich ICT breeding ground and numerous ICT innovations.” stated Claude Demuth, Chairman of LU-CIX ASBL.

“With ever more services being offered online as part of the ongoing digitalisation of our world, along with working from home and videoconferences now a regular part of our working lives, internet access has become a crucial and even strategically key factor for many, including the City of Luxembourg.

Joining LU-CIX will enable the City of Luxembourg to optimise its national internet traffic and improve the quality of its online services. As a member of LU-CIX, VDL will become more accessible, bringing it closer to its citizens and remote workers.”, as explained Serge Wilmes, Chief alderman of the City of Luxembourg.


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