The European Commission joins the LU-CIX Community

LU-CIX is proud to announce that a major European institution is now a member of its community: the European Commission.

The Commission is the European body which helps to shape the European Union’s (EU) overall strategy, proposes new EU laws and policies, monitors their implementation, and manages the EU budget. It also plays a significant role in supporting international development and delivering aid. The departments and executive agencies of the Commission are based in Brussels and in Luxembourg.

The Commission is represented in each EU country by a local office, called a “representation”. In Luxembourg, this representation has multiple goals, such as promoting a permanent political dialogue with national, regional, and local authorities, parliaments, social partners, other stakeholders, universities, and civil society; engaging with citizens, academia, civil society, social partners, and other stakeholders, and organizing communication, dialogue and other awareness-raising activities on the priorities and policies of the EU and other relevant topics.

Having the support of the European institutions such as the Commission, strengthens LU-CIX in its role of major player in the Luxembourg IT community itself as well as in the rest of Europe. Interconnection is key for building a strong European IT network and allowing all actors to work efficiently and in a safer environment is one of LU-CIX main goal.

“By joining the LU-CIX community, the European Commission shows its interest in reinforcing the availability and the security of EU-wide critical networks” says Frédérique Ulrich, Head of Business Development & Marketing at LU-CIX. “This is a nice concretization of the European Commission’s support of the Member States’ initiatives for more sovereignty to easy and safer exchange of data across the EU.”