Having come up with the idea of a Luxembourgish commercial Internet exchange, Claude Demuth has participated actively in the creation of LU-CIX and holds, since the creation of LU-CIX Management G.I.E. in 2009, the position as CEO. Until February 2016 his commitment was based on a volunteer basis but since March 2016 he is an … Continued


Didier Wasilewski joined Cegecom as one of the first employees in 2000. Today he is responsible for the sales and marketing department in Luxembourg and he develops cross-border activities in the Greater Region. He manages over 30% of the artelis group’s revenue. Didier is an expert in the telecom industry and believes in exceeding the … Continued


Peter Sodermans served as an external consultant the department of “Media, Telecommunications and Digital Policy department” (SMC) of the Luxembourg Government (Prime Minister’s office) during the last decade. He covered strategic initiatives related to the positioning of the technological infrastructure of the country, hereby creating new opportunities for the Luxembourg government related to 5G, datacenters, … Continued

Yannick DOYEN

After a first professional experience as Network Engineer at Netline (from 2007 to 2011) and then at Telecom Luxembourg Private Operator (TLPO), Yannick was promoted Chief Technology Officer for TLPO whilst accepting to become Chief Strategy Officer at LU-CIX (Internet Exchange Point of Luxembourg) until October 2016. Yannick recently moved to POST Telecom as Connectivity … Continued


Gilles Mulheims started working for Tango in 2007 taking over the responsibility for the complete radio access network of Tango’s mobile telecommunication networks. Since 2013 he is responsible for both, the fixed and mobile access networks of Tango, as well as the national and international interconnections. Today he is heading a team of 20 engineers. … Continued


Carlo Richartz has been working for Post Technologies since 1997. Now as Deputy Head of Department Transport Technologies, he is the Assisting Head of the Department and manages 120 strong teams responsible for access and core transport networks. He also directly heads a 40 strong team responsible for developing and operating Post Technologies national and … Continued


Yves joined the Government IT Centre, called “Centre des technologies et de l’information de l’État” (CTIE), in 2014 where his activities are focused on network management and operations. Before he worked at RESTENA Foundation, starting 2000 as a network and systems engineer. He was responsible for the operation of the National Research and Education Network … Continued