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Luxembourg, 30 May 2014 - LU-CIX (LUxembourg Commercial Internet eXchange) is proud to announce the launch of a new website dedicated to its latest cross-industry event:

“Back in 2012, LU-CIX took on the challenge to turn from a mere connectivity exchange platform into a specialized forum with a view to promoting the exchange of contacts, experience and ideas. In 2014, LU-CIX is taking its commitment to industry excellence to the next level! We are determined to step things up by taking the best from our past business fairs (Online Gaming and Digital Entertainment, 2012; Security of the Internet and Data Centres, 2013) and blending it with an innovative approach to produce Luxembourg’s first real cross-media and cross-industry event” explains Frédérique Ulrich, Business Development Manager for LU-CIX and event organiser & coordinator.

This year’s event will be held on 17 and 18 November at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and will keep the industry buzzing with innovative ideas and discussions around the latest hot topics and trends that dominate the Net economy. Luxembourg Internet Days is not just one, but three focussed events that are sure to make headlines: dedicated to the online gaming, online entertainment, digital life and e-commerce industries;, addressing Internet security-related challenges, and, giving a voice to the silent world of data centres.

High-level conferences, speed-pitching and speed-dating opportunities will open new horizons for attendees and their business ventures! Luxembourg Internet Days will give participants a sneak peek into the world of tomorrow. “LU-CIX seeks to become a true and tangible ‘ideas exchange’; harnessing the full potential of industry dynamics in Luxembourg and the Greater Region and widening the scope of business models and opportunities for our partners and for conference attendees. Their network and their ambitions are at the heart of this 2014 edition”, says Claude Demuth, secretary of LU-CIX asbl.

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