LU-CIX 2.0


Luxembourg, 8 March 2016 – Launch of LU-CIX 2.0.

Following the expression of support for the development of the LU-CIX platform made at the latest “Luxembourg Internet Days” by Xavier BETTEL, Prime Minister and Minister for Communications and Media, it is now time for the Luxembourg Internet exchange point to shift up a gear with the launch of “LU- CIX 2.0”.

“LU-CIX 2.0” is a new LU-CIX development plan aiming to support the digital sector in Luxembourg. It includes the employment of Claude DEMUTH as its full-time CEO starting on 1 March 2016, the renewal and professionalisation of the LU-CIX network infrastructures management, and the increased promotion of Luxembourgish ICT abroad.

“Claude DEMUTH belongs to LU-CIX’s very first initiators. His perfect knowledge of the operation of the exchange point plus his technical skills and in-depth understanding of the telecommunications market are the obvious reasons behind his selection for this position. We fully trust his ability to push forward our future-oriented projects,” stated Marco HOUWEN, President of LU-CIX asbl.

The proper operation of the technical platform (i.e. the national exchange of IP traffic) is becoming increasingly important and strategic for Luxembourg’s overall economy.

LU-CIX was founded in 2009 upon the initiative of telecoms and datacentre sector professionals who were aware of the stakes of the Internet for both the country and the greater region. Six years later, in addition to organising the “Luxembourg Internet Days”, an annual event which brought 800 national and international Internet sector players under one roof for two days last December, LU-CIX asbl is formed of sixty members, hosts Google’s and Akamai’s servers locally, and has seen its IP traffic rise up to 50 Gbit/s. Moreover, LU-CIX has integrated the strategy of the “Digital Lëtzebuerg” programme, which aims to strengthen and consolidate the country’s position in the ICT sector, thus making Luxembourg a “high-tech” centre of excellence at the heart of Europe.

“The launch of “LU-CIX 2.0” reflects both the Government’s and the entire sector’s awareness of the growing importance of this field.. I am therefore particularly proud of the work accomplished over the past years by our team, which is mainly composed of volunteers. Our commitment towards an efficient Internet infrastructure that is less dependent on other countries is bearing fruit. I am glad to step up my involvement in this project to which I am very attached, and to continue contributing to some extent to the success of a project of greater national interest than ever before,” declared Claude DEMUTH, CEO of LU-CIX GIE.

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