Frédérique ULRICH

Frédérique ULRICH,
(Business Development Manager)

Frédérique ULRICH is LU-CIX’s Business Development Manager.

She is in charge of the harmonious development of LU-CIX which drives her to a very cross functional position...

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(Marketing Assistant at LU-CIX)

Emmy GANDAR is Event Manager Associate at LU-CIX.

She works on organising the different LU-CIX events, particularly the Luxembourg Internet Days together with Frédérique ULRICH.

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Severine LEINEN

Severine LEINEN,
(Administrative Assistant at LU-CIX)

Séverine LEINEN is Administrative assistantship at LU-CIX.

After being graduated in chemical engineering from IUT Nancy-Brabois in 1994, Séverine LEINEN reoriented her career towards administrative assistantship.

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