CEL becomes a Platinum member of LU-CIX

LU-CIX ASBL, the Luxembourg Internet Exchange Point, is glad to announce that CEL has upgraded its marketing package to a Platinum one to increase its footprint on the local market and gain visibility within the Community. With a Platinum marketing package, CEL will now benefit from various advantages, especially during all LU-CIX events. Their visibility … Continued

The convergence of IT and OT at the Luxembourg Internet Days 2022

For its ninth edition in a row, the Luxembourg Internet Days are back in person at the premises of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce on November 15 & 16. Organized with the partnership of many local institutions and the European Commission, the 2022 edition will put the United States in the spotlight. « Keeping the … Continued

The Luxembourg Internet Days, back as a live event on November 15 & 16

After two successful digital editions, Luxembourg Internet Days is back as a live event! Network Security and Resilience, and the fight against evolving (D)DoS Challenges will be treated with the pragmatic and technical angle that underpins the event’s success. On November 15 & 16, the event is back in its original format that has made … Continued

LU-CIX welcomes ARTEVIE as a new member

From left to right: Christian Lepsien, Founder and CEO of artevie group – Claude Demuth, Chairman of LU-CIX ASBL LU-CIX ASBL, operating the Luxembourg Internet Exchange Nod, is welcoming a new Gold member, ARTEVIE SARL (part of artevie group). ARTEVIE is a specialized digital recruitment and consulting company in the IT & digital sector. ARTEVIE … Continued

LU-CIX welcomes HOTCITY as a new member

LU-CIX ASBL, operating the Luxembourg Internet Exchange Nod, is welcoming a new connected member, HOTCITY S.A. Established in 2009, HOTCITY S.A. has grown steadily from a pioneer to the leading specialist in the deployment of public outdoor and indoor Wi-Fi networks in Luxembourg. Joining LU-CIX represents an important strategic decision for HOTCITY, as all its … Continued

Orange Luxembourg joins LU-CIX Management G.I.E. (FR)

  L’opérateur Orange vient de rejoindre le groupement LU-CIX Management G.I.E, pour contribuer, avec l’ensemble de l’écosystème Internet et télécom luxembourgeois, au renforcement et à la diversification des infrastructures et services internet locaux ainsi qu’à la connectivité nationale et internationale.   Un partenariat unique Orange Luxembourg vient d’intégrer le Groupement d’lntérêt Économique LU-CIX Management en … Continued

(D)DoS fighting workshop by LU-CIX – watch the replay!

You missed one or multiple session(s) of the LU-CIX workshop (D)DoS fighting? Check out the replay!     Opening speech and moderation By Michel LANNERS, CIO at LU-CIX GIE Practical approach to automate the Cloud based DDoS mitigation (00:05:00) By Jan THIELEMANS, Program Manager at Arcadiz Discover a unique and flexible way to solve vendor … Continued

Job offer: system and application engineer (m/f)

LU-CIX Management G.I.E. (Luxembourg Internet Exchange) is looking for a system and application engineer (m/f).   LU-CIX operates the national Internet exchange backbone and has ambitious extension plans. Be part of a small and fast-moving company. In an engaged and motivated team, you will be responsible for operating mobile apps, applications and their related IT … Continued

LU-CIX introduces BFD – Avoiding black holes in Internet routing

Peering on an Internet exchange like LU-CIX relies on a routing protocol called BGP. This protocol has been around for almost 30 years and has been able to scale to the gigantic size of today’s Internet. Back when BGP was developed, the largest computers were less powerful than today’s smartphones, the worldwide web hadn’t been … Continued