Orne THD joins LU-CIX as a connected Gold member

LU-CIX is glad to welcome a new player in its community: Orne THD. Orne THD is a French alternative Internet Service Provider (ISP), oriented mainly towards the general public in the Orne area & Greater Region. Orne THD is also a television service provider and as such is quite advanced in this field: indeed, it … Continued

Adtran joins LU-CIX community as a Gold Member

News summary: LU-CIX member ecosystem enhances Luxembourg’s digital infrastructure through strategic alliances and technological innovation Adtran’s membership reinforces a longstanding collaboration, with its open FSP 3000 transport technology integral to LU-CIX’s infrastructure ALM fiber monitoring technology elevates LU-CIX’s service reliability, boosting network availability and stability across the country   Luxembourg, June 20, 2024. Adtran and … Continued

LU-CIX fête ses 15 ans au service de l’écosystème

LU-CIX, le nœud d’échange Internet du Luxembourg, fête cette année ses 15 ans d’existence et de connexion entre acteurs de l’Internet national et international. Depuis 15 ans, LU-CIX mène à bien de nombreux projets techniques d’importance pour l’écosystème au Grand-Duché. LU-CIX s’est également imposé comme entité fédératrice d’une communauté TIC dépassant les frontières du pays. … Continued

The European Commission joins the LU-CIX Community

LU-CIX is proud to announce that a major European institution is now a member of its community: the European Commission. The Commission is the European body which helps to shape the European Union’s (EU) overall strategy, proposes new EU laws and policies, monitors their implementation, and manages the EU budget. It also plays a significant role … Continued

The Luxembourg Internet Days event is announcing a royal 10th edition!

Now in its 10th edition, the Luxembourg Internet Days event has become the unmissable occasion for over a thousand ICT, IT & OT professionals to gather, learn and share on a yearly basis.   Two days dedicated to IT & OT Security & Resilience This year’s topic is Network Security & Resilience because the number … Continued

Job offer: System and application engineer (m/f)

LU-CIX Management G.I.E. (Luxembourg Internet Exchange) is looking for: System and application engineer (m/f) LU-CIX operates the national Internet exchange backbone and has ambitious extension plans. Be part of a small and fast-moving company. In an engaged and motivated team, you will be responsible for operating mobile apps, applications and their related IT systems and … Continued

The capital of the Grand Duchy now connected on LU-CIX

Luxembourg City, with over 125,000 inhabitants, is home to 20% of the country’s population. Every day, it also welcomes more than 100,000 commuters coming from its three bordering countries. The main challenges for the city consist in meeting the needs of its residents, as well as those of these commuters, and maintaining its appeal. In … Continued

LU-CIX members discover MeluXina

LU-CIX ASBL, the Luxembourg Internet Exchange Point, was glad to propose to its members an exclusive visit of MeluXina, the Luxembourg’s high-performance computer, operated by LuxProvide. LuxProvide has become a LU-CIX member in 2022 and wanted from the get-go to be an active member of the community. This visit allowed some LU-CIX members to learn … Continued

Route filtering via BGP communities on the route servers

Route servers help reduce the number of BGP sessions that members need to configure. Instead of configuring two sessions for each member router (one IPv4 and of course another one in IPv6), members can simplify and configure only four sessions in total: one IPv4 and one IPv6 to each of our two route servers. To … Continued